Contract Negotiation

Leveraging over a decade of industry expertise, Radius excels in negotiating outstanding contracts for elite combat sports athletes.  We integrate our vast knowledge and experience with the client’s personal goals to ensure their interests are protected during their ascent to the top. The proactive yet practical negotiating approach employed by Radius has earned us the respect of top sponsors and promoters in the mixed martial arts realm.



For mixed martial arts fighters, getting backing from quality sponsors can mean the difference between simply getting by and prospering.  Radius maintains strong working relationships with some of the world’s premier brands, making us uniquely positioned to secure coveted sponsorships for our athletes.  Our expertise in strategic career management enables us to match our clients with opportunities that generate recurring revenue and support long-term career growth.


Athlete Training

At Radius, we understand what it takes for professional athletes to gain a true edge in the sport.  Our complete training camp management services—delivered in conjunction with specialty training partners in wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, striking and more—provide our clients with exclusive access to the world’s top training institutions and coaches.  Our objective is to help gifted athletes achieve their full physical and competitive potential.


Brand Development

For mixed martial arts athletes, cultivating a compelling brand is key to successful sponsorships, favorable public perception, and overall career longevity.  Radius employs highly individualized, cross-channel media strategies designed to engage fans, promoters and sponsors alike.  From traditional PR opportunities to social media, our brand development efforts foster a positive athlete-audience connection—and create powerful differentiation from the competition.


Entertainment Consulting

Moving from the mixed martial arts spotlight to the entertainment arena can be a natural transition for some MMA fighters—and an ideal way to reach a broader audience.  Utilizing years of experience in the field and vast network of industry contacts, Radius helps athletes make an effective crossover into film and television to optimize their long-term career potential.



Personal appearances by rising or established MMA athletes are an excellent way for companies to generate publicity, promote brand awareness and increase revenue.  For the athlete, public exhibitions provide an exciting chance to raise their profile and interact directly with fans. Radius works with both organizations and mixed martial arts fighters to secure personal appearance opportunities for a variety of events.


Corporate Consulting

As a corporate consultant, Radius helps business organizations capitalize on the explosive growth of mixed martial arts to build critical brand awareness and connect with valuable new audiences.   From sponsorship search and implementation to ongoing evaluation of results, we create customized marketing strategies that allow our clients to reach clearly defined business goals.